Liberty Hill Mosaic Veneer

Liberty Hill Granite is a light to medium grain granite. Simple yet sophisticated, this stone is primarily soft grays blended with warm browns and subtle pink inclusions..


Burgundy Hill Mosaic

Burgundy Hill is a silvery gray and gold quartzite, with rust and brown blended stone and garnet inclusions throughout



Burgundy Hill Ashlar



Indian Hill Mosaic



Indian Hill Ashlar



Connecticut Fieldstone Round

Connecticut Fieldstone Round is a weathered granite ranging in color from subtle light to dark grays, browns and warm rust. Connecticut Fieldstone Round has been selected to be rounder in shape than the mosaic veneer and can be used alone or blended with the mosaic veneer. This stone is ideal for fireplaces and chimneys, building facades, firepits, outdoor barbeques and pillars.



Connecticut Fieldstone Cut Veneer

Fieldstone Cut Veneer is a weathered granite ranging in colors from subtle light to dark grays, browns and warm rust. It is cut by guillotine into shapes which are roughly square and rectangular.



Cedar Hill Moasic

Cedar Hill is a lovely blend of light and dark browns, warm grays and antique white. The warm earth tone colors of this stone make it appealing in any setting.



Cedar Hill Ashlar, Cedar Hill Square, & Rect



Old Moss Fieldstone Mosaic

Pennsylvania Fieldstone is a natural fieldstone from the Catskill region of Pennsylvania and blends subtle earth tone colors ranging from gray, to gray-green, warm browns, tans and burgundy. The rustic nature of this stone is enhanced by occasional moss and lichen and helps contribute to its perennial appeal.



Old Moss Fieldstone Ashlar Nat’l Edge

Pennsylvania Fieldstone Ashlar Veneer with a natural exposed edge gives the appearance of a dry stacked stone wall. Warm, earth tone colors combined with moss and lichen makes this a perfect stone for a rustic, natural look. Also available in a double split edge.


Wethered Quarry Mosaic



Wethered Quarry Ashlar